Batman: Arkham City – Cool Stuff For Your Avatar

by Yo Snyder

So I’m sitting there minding my own business, trying to get some work done, when suddenly I get a phone call from Stevo. “Dude, I just peed a little bit and had to call you and share.” That naturally put me on the defensive, but I figured I should at least find out why. Well, as it turns out, my excitable friend found out that you can now outfit your Avatar on Xbox Live with stuff from Batman: Arkham City. Stevo already had his decked-out in the Robin costume, which he sent to me to prove just how awesome this all was. Well, I needed little prompting, and I quickly went to see what was available. Man, was I impressed. From full costumes to simple t-shirts to fun little extras like a Bat-signal or Bat-a-rangs, there’s all kinds of cool stuff. Long story short, next time you see me or Stevo on Xbox Live, our Avatars will be appropriately attired to reflect our excitement over next week’s release of Batman: Arkham City.