Avengers Age of Ultron –

by Yo Snyder

Avengers 2 is
expected to smash box off sales this weekend taking off with the number 1 spot
by a big lead and securing best sales of the year so far.
  With all the hype and excitement, it’s pretty
much a guarantee.
  But, does that mean it’s
better than the first
Avengers movie?
Avengers is one of my top ten favorite
  For me it is the quintessential Marvel
comic come to the big screen.
  It felt
like I watched a comic book of the Avengers come alive in ways I never imagined.
  I must chase a tangent briefly to state my
Marvel fanboy movie pics – best all time comic movie =
Avengers.  Best marvel movie
turned modern thriller =
Captain America
.  Best marvel movie turned space
epic with no need for previous comic history = Guardians of the Galaxy (see my
review of GoG to understand just how much I love this movie).
  I could never pick a favorite among those
three as they all stand out for very different reasons and are all above any
other Marvel movie.
  My brief summary of
top Marvel movies serves as a prelude to my unfortunate take on
Avengers 2 which does not even rank in
my top 5 Marvel movies nor come close to the thrill ride of the first movie.
  I walked out of the theater this week
saddened by my lack of expectations fulfilled.
I’ve talked to many a friend who all expect they will see something far
less thrilling than the first ride, perhaps they will walk out of the theater
with their heads up.
  Was I expecting too
much from this follow up to one of my all-time favorites?
  I’ll leave that to you to decide after you
see it for yourself.
  And see it you should,
for even with all the faults,
Avengers 2
is a fun and exciting movie well worth the time and money to see.

First, let’s cover some frustrations so I can finish on a
high note.
  Avengers 2 is dark… At first I thought Marvel may be chasing some
of the appeal DC comic movies/shows have been receiving from their darker
  In hindsight, I just think they
missed the mark on some of what the audience loved in the first movie – comic book
  With all the realistic violence
in the 2
nd movie, your mood is not set up to have as much fun as the
first movie.
  Avengers 2 also has a lot more adult elements.  On top of the violence is a lot of sexual innuendo
that is completely out of place in what should be a fun teen/family movie.
   As far
as the story, it’s a good story that is easy to follow.
  My fellow movie goer felt it may have chased
to many side stories, but I think those are more distracting for the fanboy who
knows all the directions Marvel is taking future movies.
  For me, it did not feel like it was straying
too much.
  My biggest complaint with the
overall movie is what seemed like a long drawn out middle section.
  My best guess is it was an attempt to show
humanity vs. machine, but man it was way longer than needed and got a bit
  My last complaint has to do with
the movies use of scripture.
  Ultron is a
scripture quoting machine but his use of scripture has little point to do with
his actions or motives.
  To quote
scripture with no purpose (good or bad) rubs me wrong.
  There is one quote in the movie where a
character when asked who they are says “I am, I am”.
  I am still not sure if I heard correctly as
at first I thought it was I am that I am, but in hindsight I am not as
  Perhaps they were attempting to
show this character’s confusion at who they are, but that quote combined with
the scene it appears in draws way to close to claiming Godhood through a blasphemous
use of God’s name.

Now we can get to the fun and this movie has some very fun
action scenes.
  The final sequence, much
like the first is just epic.
visuals and great action unfold in the last 20 minutes that almost leaves you
forgetting the previous issues with the movie.
In addition, the fight scene between Iron Man and Hulk is as enjoyable
as you imagine from the previews.
new characters are introduced and Marvel did an excellent job of building a
bridge between
Agents of Shield and
the movie.
  The Marvel universe is
expanding and keeping in sync with other storylines can clearly be a challenge
but one I think Marvel is handling well.
Even with the issues, Avengers 2
is a good time overall.
  I doubt anyone
will walk away disappointed they spent the money or time to see the movie, just
don’t compare it to the first and you should be able to smile as you walk out
of the theater this weekend.

4.5 out of 7 – lots more
realistic violence than the first and distracting sexual innuendo leave
Avengers 2 far less family friendly than
the first.