Astro Zombies Comics – The Comics Cause

by Yo Snyder

When something like Superstorm Sandy takes place, it often
leaves us feeling powerless; powerless in the face of the storm’s fury, and for
those of us not directly affected by such events, powerless to do anything to
help those in need after the storm is over. Well, the guys over at Astro
Zombies Comics know how you feel, they feel the same way, and they want to do
something about it. So, with your help, they are.

Astro Zombies is starting a new initiative called Comics
Cause. Its whole purpose is to help raise funds and supplies for grassroots organizations
during a time of crisis, beginning with the destructive wake of Superstorm
Sandy. Starting this week, you can help by simply bidding on some original art
work from creators such as Aaron Campbell (an Albuquerque resident who’s worked
on titles such as Green Hornet and Sherlock Holmes), Matt Frank (who’s
worked on Transformers and Godzilla), Sina Grace (who’s probably
best known for Lil’ Depressed Boy and
The Walking Dead), Jeffery Brown (from
the book Clumsy) and Andy Kuhn
(currently working on Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles
). Money raised from these auctions will go directly back East
to help with getting supplies to people left in need in the wake of Superstorm

So if you’d like to do something to help those affected in
times of crisis, join the effort of Comics Cause. Learn more and where to go to
bid on these original pieces of art when you visit astrozombies.com or at their Facebook page.