Astro Zombies Comics – Sleeping Bags for the Homeless

by Yo Snyder

On Thanksgiving we’re grateful for what we have. On
Christmas, we’re excited for what we’re getting, and in between those two
times, we sometimes forget about those who are in need. Well, our friends over
at Astro Zombies comics want to make sure that doesn’t happen this year.
Starting Friday, November 23rd, they’re collecting sleeping bags for
the homeless and needy in our community. Drop off a new, cold weather sleeping bag over at the store, located at 3100
Central SE, just east of UNM campus near the Lobo Theater. Every bag you drop
off will enter you in a raffle for some great prizes from business across our
community who are joining Astro Zombies in this effort. But again, it’s not
about winning stuff, it’s about helping, it’s about being a blessing. As our
pastor often says, we’re blessed so we can be a blessing. Share that blessing
with those in need, give a sleeping bag or two for those who don’t have a warm
home to enjoy during the holidays. And if you’d like, you can even help
distribute those sleeping bags on Christmas Eve. Call Astro Zombies at 232-7800
for more details, or visit their Facebook page.