Astro Zombies Comics – Live Remote With Static Radio

by Yo Snyder

Okay, now it’s feeling like December. We enjoy a nice, mild
colorful Fall, and even the early parts of December weren’t so bad, but it’s
getting cold outside. Sure, you may have a cozy house to snuggle up in, but not
everyone is quite so fortunate. That’s why Astro Zombies Comics, Static Radio,
KNKT Radio and The Guide are asking for a little help. We need sleeping bags.
Why? To help warm those who aren’t fortunate enough to have a home right now.
Through Christmas Eve, Astro Zombies Comics is collecting new cold weather
sleeping bags to distribute to the needy and homeless in our city. In fact,
this Wednesday, December 19th, Stevo and Mitch from Static Radio’s
morning show will be over at Astro Zombies Comics, located at 3100 Central Ave
SE, just East of UNM in the Nob Hill area, to collect your sleeping bags. Every
bag donated will enter you into a raffle for some great prizes, and will help
keep some needy soul a bit warmer on these cold December nights. So come say
hit to Stevo and Mitch from Static radio and share the gift of warmth this
Wednesday, December 19th starting at noon. We want to collect just
100 sleeping bags. Help make it happen, help those in need, help share the gift
of warmth this Christmas season. See you Wednesday, December 19th at