Assassin’s Creed III – City Gameplay Demo

by Yo Snyder

Ever since it was announced, Assassin’s Creed III has been high
on my list of must-haves. After stagnating a bit after the excellent
second game, the third installment really looks like it’ll revolutionize
the franchise (ah, see what I did there? Because, you know, it’s set
during the Revolutionary War). A fresh setting in the New World, a fresh
new time period with new types of equipment, fresh new gameplay
features (such as the very cool looking naval warfare), and some
refinement of the tried and true elements of Assassin’s Creed has me
really excited for this next installment after basically ignoring the
last couple spin-offs. But just in case the news trickling about this
game hasn’t enough to get you stoked, check out this gameplay demo
featuring commentary from Creative Director Alex Hutchinson. This game
just keeps looking better all the time. Let us know what you think in
the comments below.