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What's HappeningAll Kinds Of News, All In One Place

by Jason Gleason | 2012-03-09 | More, News

Welcome back to our weekly news roundup, where we feature news that we think our readers care about! If you have recommendations, comments, or unadulterated praise, please heap them into the comments section below!

New Bill and Ted may actually happen:

If you're like me, and you've been waiting for another Bill and Ted movie since the awesome "God Gave Rock and Roll to you" end of Bogus Journey, this news will be very welcome. It appears that they have a script in place that Keanu and Alex like. There are so many amazing places they can take the series that it's not even funny.

Star Wars ruined Jake Lloyd's career:

On the down side of the movie news, Jake Lloyd decided to speak about how The Phantom Menace basically destroyed his acting career. Citing harassment from other kids, and poor reviews from critics about his acting, it seems George Lucas actually did destroy a childhood.

Terra Nova cancelled, but hope remains in the future... past...

If you've been enjoying Terra Nova's jaunt to the past, sad news; it's been cancelled. There's hope however, as it seems Netflix is interested in picking up the series. First Arrested Development, now this, maybe one day they'll pick up Firefly too.

Mourning Ralph McQuarrie:

This seemed to be the week for bad news. Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie passed away this week at the age of 82. Ralph was best known for his concept sketches that were the true origins of Darth Vader, C-3PO, and other incredible creatures from Star Wars. He also was involved in other great sci-fi and Fantasy, from Star Trek, to Indiana Jones, Battlestar Galactica, ET, and others. His fans will surely miss him.

The Steam box:

Some fun rumors surfaced this week, around a new console made by Valve. The box would work with a Steam user interface, and really be similar to a PC. It's also possible it's just a Steam approved standard. Still, here's hoping for a Companion Cube shaped Steam console in our future.

The Eternity Clock Revealed:

IGN has a great preview into the new Doctor Who game, The Eternity Clock. As a Who fan, this looks incredible. I can't wait for the game. Surely, The Guide will be giving you the full review when it's released!

New Sim City on the horizon:

Rumors swirled around a new Sim City game this week, and culminated with an actual announcement. Yes, there will be a new Sim City game! Pretty soon, we can all build a city and then crush it to ground with disasters and Godzilla-like sea monsters. I hope the Sim City Classic theme is included.

Bonus news: The new iPad

In case you missed it, the new iPad was announced this week. This is exciting for gamers, because the new screen offers a higher resolution than most notebook computers. They also beefed up the graphics processor to a quad core processor, meaning higher quality games can be developed for the tablet. Apple is in the position to start proclaiming the iPad as a great gaming device, and with good reason. Namco showed a demo of a new aerial combat title, with F-22s. Epic games showed off the new Infinity Blade, which also looks pretty incredible. If you're looking at getting a tablet, now might be the time to take the dive.


Authored by: Jason Gleason

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