Arthur Christmas – It’s Nice To Know Someone Cares

by Yo Snyder

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a truly heart-warming and fun
Christmas movie. I think there hasn’t been a movie truly worthy of the
holiday since maybe Elf with Will Ferrel. While Arthur Christmas may not ever attain the status of a modern classic like Elf has, Arthur Christmas is still a delightfully fun holiday film that the whole family can enjoy.

At first I thought perhaps the makers of this movie had seen Disney’s Prep and Landing
and thought that it would make for a good full-length movie. Much of
the opening sequence is very similar to that awesome Christmas special.
However, once it settles in to tell its story, it finds it’s own
identity with its own unique spin on the Santa Claus myth to tell. The
idea of multi-generational Santas and the jealousy that could develop
between the generations is a really fun take on Christmas’ biggest icon.

particular adventure hinges on what would happen if despite high-tech,
modern efficiency a child didn’t have their present delivered to them.
Would it matter? Should Santa care if even one child doesn’t get
something on Christmas morning? Our hero Arthur thinks that it matters
very much, and with some old-school help, sets out to make sure that
every child gets their gift in time for Christmas. What about God? Does
everyone matter to him? In our world of cynicism and doubt, there are
many who think that either God doesn’t care or that he just must not
exist. While the existence of Santa may forever remain a mystery, it’s
actually quite easy to point to a solid example of just how much God
cares; Jesus Christ on the cross. His death and resurrection, when one
truly understand the implications of it, erases any doubt of God’s love
for each and every one of us. Ever read John 3:16; you are apart of that
world that God so loves. Whether or not our individual expectations of
what God should do for us and our desire are met, the cross makes it
quite plain that he does indeed care for us all.

Apparently it
isn’t all the easy to make a fun, enjoyable, family-friendly Christmas
movie with heart and laughs; they just don’t come along all that often.
Fortunately Aardman Entertainment was bold enough to take on the
challenge, and even more fortunate, they were able to deliver on a
really enjoyable movie. Arthur Christmas is funny, energetic,
witty, and has heart. If you’re looking for something with a Christmas
flair to enjoy with the whole family this season, Arthur Christmas should fit the bill just fine.