by Justin Johnson

arrival-2016-poster-11This review will be brief: go see the movie.  I am really interested in writing a review for this movie, but to do so may introduce spoilers and if anyone spoils this movie, they should be banished from reviewland.  So my main point in writing is to encourage all of you to go see this movie.  Here is what I can say, what a great trailer! Gives you a small glimpse without revealing much.  Leaving the audience to be surprised as the the plot reveals come.  This is not an Independence Day movie, this is a thinking mans movie.  It is as close to an original story as one can expect with an “alien” movie.  Prepare to pay close attention and walk out with your friends/family conversing over all the nuanced details and open questions.  There are sure to be some frustrated audience members looking for more action packed sci fi, as well I am sure some will say the plot was predictable or full of holes.  But for the most part, I expect the majority of movie goers to have a big ol’ smile plastered on their face.  One potential spoiler but something I thought worth mentioning, religion/spirituality is completely missing from this movie.  I found this somewhat refreshing in that it would be easy to play science trumps religion card, but they don’t.  Instead, it becomes a conversation piece along with many other subtle plot points which this reviewer enjoyed.  Hope I gave you enough to determine if this is your type of movie, if so, do yourself a favor and enjoy Arrival.

6.5 out of 7the movie is rated PG13 for brief language.  This movie is a rare gem of PG13 that is appropriate for younger teens.  I can imagine many a wonderful lesson and discussion with my kids when they are old enough to see this movie.