Angry Birds Space – The Birds Are Back…In Spaaaccce.

by Yo Snyder

Angry Birds: Space
…The final frontier
This is the exciting space-themed sequel to the ever popular Angry Birds. There have been a couple Angry Birds spin offs, but none really
felt like an expansion of the franchise. None of them felt like a sequel. I’m
glad to say that Angry Birds: Space
certainly feels like a sequel, and definitely takes bird-flinging to the next

Angry Birds: Space
starts simple, as the original did. The first few levels will be quite familiar
and feature the ubiquitous little red bird. Each bird has been visually updated
and modified to fit in with the space theme. The early levels introduce the new
mechanics to the series. Now, there are planets with pigs on them, and there
are gravity wells that exist around them. Rovio has done an excellent job in
making this new mechanic simple and intuitive. Gravity zones around planets are
displayed with an atmosphere around the planetoid. The gravity zones allow
birds to be flung around obstacles and even into orbit around the planets. Many
puzzles require the player to change the trajectory of the bird using these
gravity zones. The subtle dotted line that displayed the path for flinging
birds in the original game is back, and a bit less subtle. The new direction line
bends according to gravity to help point the birds with better control and
accuracy. Be careful though, because if the bird is launched outside of the
atmosphere it won’t be affected by gravity and will just launch into nowhere.
But don’t worry if this happens, because there is actually an achievement for this.

The puzzles themselves are simple at first, and I actually
was able to get a full three stars on many of them in the first zone on the
first try. The increase in complexity is quite dynamic, and brings the player
along to the more complex puzzles with a better understanding of what to do. There
are also some new variations on the birds. The yellow bird from the classic
game has been updated as a purple bird and now zooms in a direction of the
player’s choice. There is also an ice bird that is based on the bomb bird, and
you can explode him to freeze structures around the pigs. When another bird
hits the frozen blocks, they shatter much more easily.

There are 30 different puzzles in each zone, and there are a
total of three zones at launch. There is a “Coming Soon” zone at the end, and
logic would dictate this is set aside for future content. There is also an “Eggsteroids”
zone which is for bonus puzzles you can acquire throughout the game. While
playing, there will be golden eggs, much like the first game. If the player can
manage hit an egg with a bird, it will immediately load a bonus level. The
first one is styled after the classic Space
, with blocks in the shape of the ships from the classic game. They
need to be cleared to get to the pig at the top. The second of these bonus
levels looks like it came right out of
Super Mario Bros. 3
, and the birds must be bounced off of the blocks to
discover which one a pig is hiding in. These levels are more difficult, and
quite a fun distraction from the standard game.

Angry Birds: Space
is a worthy successor to the Angry Birds
series. Changing the trajectory of birds, and the inclusion of new and updated
birds provides a really fun and dynamic experience. The new puzzles and updated birds provide a
great way to spend time on breaks, between classes, or wherever you might find
some down time. It’s, dare I say it… Out of this world!

Score: 6 of 7