Anchor & Braille – Band Overview

by Yo Snyder

Like many indie bands in the market today, Anchor & Braille is a semi-acoustic side project created by Anberlin’s lead singer,
Stephen Christian, in 2004. Anchor & Braille started as a secondary outlet
for Christian to funnel his song ideas that he knew Anberlin would never be
able to use. The music is far more relaxed and the songs have a softer feel
than Anberlin’s material, using acoustic guitars, keyboards and computers as
main instruments. Christian was more comfortable using Anchor & Braille to employ
his more personal lyrics because the listener base was so much smaller than
Anberlins. Although Stephen Christian is the only official member of Anchor
& Braille, Aaron Marsh of Copeland, has contributed a lot to the 2009 album
Felt. Marsh both produced Felt and helped with some of the instrumentation on
the album because this was Anchor & Brailles first use of a full band.

Static Radio currently features the song Like Steps
In A Dance and it has been widely accepted by our listeners. While Christian
continues to maintain Anchor & Braille, much of his time is devoted to
Anberlins constant touring schedule. The best way to keep track of Anchor
& Braille is by following their twitter account anchorbraille. Currently
the band is working on writing a new album and will appear at a few scattered
shows this summer including the widely know Corner Stone music festival in
Bushnell, Illinois.

All in all I’d give this band and album a 6 out of 7 for their
thoughtful melodies and lyrical genius.