American Reunion – Movie Review

by Yo Snyder

American Reunion

Well it’s
pretty much exactly what you would expect. A funny, yet highly inappropriate
movie aimed at those of us who happened to be in the general high-school
demographic back when the original American Pie was released. All the original
characters performed about as well as they did 12 years ago. There are some
funny and relate-able situations for those of us in our late 20s struggling with
learning how to be a responsible adult, raising a child, keeping a job and so
on. However, this isn’t a movie for the masses, or anyone who is even slightly
offended by bad language or foul sexual humor. A good thing that American
Reunion does is offer closure to those of us who grew up with the American Pie
movie hidden in the closet where mom and dad would never look. I’ll admit to
sharing a few laughs throughout the night but this isn’t a movie I could
comfortably recommend to anyone.