Alien: Isolation – The One We’ve Been Waiting For?

by Yo Snyder

Suddenly ranking high on my list of “Things to look forward
to in 2014”, an Alien game. I know, I know, Aliens:
Colonial Marines
promised to capture the atmosphere and feel of the movies,
and pretty much face planted in that effort. And there really hasn’t been a
good Aliens vs. Predator games since
the original on the PC, but all of those were action games. Alien: Isolation promises to bring back
an element that’s been missing; fear. Overwhelming, paralyzing fear. This isn’t
an action game, it’s a haunted house game, it’s a survival horror game that
could live up to the full potential of both those words; you need to survive,
and it’s going to be scary. Yes, we’ve heard these promises before, seen good
looking trailers only to be let down over and over again by this franchise. But
maybe, just maybe, this time will be truly the Alien game we’ve been waiting to
play (just not in the dark). Take a look at the trailer and share your