3 Days to Kill –

by Yo Snyder

During yet another week of travel for work, I took an evening to check out the Kevin Costner flick 3 Days to Kill.  A clever title revealing the key plotline where Mr. Costner is given 3 days to complete an assignment for the CIA.  When the preview for 3 Days to Kill came out I thought it looked like a fun movie.  A very typical Luc Besson movie, which usually means I’m going to sit back and enjoy the romp and stomp!  Unlike some movies as of late, this one delivers as expected.   First, I admit that Kevin Costner is very hit and miss for me.  In one movie he hits a home run (check out Man of Steal or Hatfields & McCoys) and in another it’s a big old strike (The Postman or Waterworld) so I am always a little reluctant to look forward to his movies.  But in this movie he delivers a great character.  Part dad trying to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter and part CIA assassin reluctantly back in action (only in a Luc Besson movie).  But come on, you have to expect some fun moments when you have a CIA hitman trying to relate to his very typical teenage daughter.  And that is what you get, a very fun movie with some great scenes such as Mr. Costner taking out a group older boys getting a little too frisky with his daughter.  Or in the middle of an operation, putting a hostage on the phone to deliver a marinara recipe to his daughter so she can make the perfect meal for her prom date.  It might sound corny but it works.  Another thing I really enjoy about this movie is it sticks to what it knows.  There are no rabbit holes or open ended storylines.  Instead, you get two key plotlines that are developed nicely throughout the movie and a good tight ending that concludes the story in a meaningful way.

Best of all, this movie delivers redeeming qualities in its conclusion.  Throughout the movie, Mr. Costner encourages that lying is sometimes necessary to avoid a bigger problem.  Of course, as the CIA assassin, lying is part of his trade.  But as the movie progresses, our hero dad realizes, a relationship with lies is no relationship at all.  In order to truly reconcile and enjoy the possibility of forgiveness, the lying has to stop and the truth be told.  Hmm… seems that relationship truth comes from another story I know well.  It is not until we admit that we are sinners and ask forgiveness that God can restore His relationship to us as a father to his children.  Funny how those lies mess everything up in relationships…  With that said, 3 Days to Kill delivered exactly what I was hoping for.  While not a breakout success, it is a fun movie with tight plot including plenty of action mixed with humor and redeeming value.

6 out of 7 –The movie is rated PG13 and has plenty of violent action and a few scenes of nudity that warrant some caution before viewing by younger audiences.